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I have a question for people. Well multiple questions really, and an observation or two...

What type of "songs" should go in a live show? Should they be songs that are easily accepted by people who are borderline musically inept and stick to a typical song structure? Or should they step outside of the box completely and most likely confuse a good chunk of the audience? Or a mix of both?

The more I think of it, the more I realize that all the really interesting sound textures achieved on an album do not necessarily translate into real life very well. Even if it can be reproduced to the same quality, it typically carries some level of disappointment.

For example:

(a) Pink Floyd: The Wall represented their only album that they could perform (almost) seamlessly as a thematic whole. However, they cut a great deal of their textural bits to make the songs more accessible. So did the fact that there was a stage show going on in front and behind them help them with this?

(b) Pat Metheny: After seeing him twice, I've noticed that he doesn't avoid his lengthy and downtempo pieces. He performed his latest record in its entire glory, but lost the attention of a good chunk of the crowd. So is it worthwhile playing the full album to preserve your artistic vision and integrity? Or is it better to accommodate the sometimes short attention span of the audience?

I know I picked two large acts, however they are both successful examples relating to my question. Therefore, should smaller and new acts accommodate the audience (heading towards an accessible song format) or turn away a good amount of people to preserve their artistic vision?

In a sense this relates to the group I belong to, but I'm more curious what other people think. Plus I was in a bit of a hippie mood this morning.

Other than that my life has been pretty good over the last little while. Three gigs to date, and my group is coming out with a record in the next few months. Unfortunately our drummer is moving to Montreal by the end of the summer, and we'll all miss his amazing contributions.

Ari and I had fun, well when he decided to stay in Ottawa. Except for the fact that he couldn't hold his game in 2 areas (a) did you say oranges? and; (b) tennis. And he's going to miss some parties this long weekend.

That is all.
I'm sure there could be better things for me to do right now, other than being on way too many cold drugs and babbling. But alas, I really don't feel like do anything else at the moment besides wondering why the hell I'm at my computer... and out of curiosity, should I be seeing floating yellow dots? I think so...

So last week goes down in my books as one of the crappiest weeks on the face of the earth. Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong, including the fact I had a history exam. But that's beside the point.

I did have something to say, and well, I've forgotten most of it. Some good news is that my group and I will be playing Montreal next week which should prove to be a lot of fun, unless we really do get a rap crowd. Nonetheless, it would be funny as hell if we broke into progressive-freestyle, plus I need to work on my rapping skills now and then. We're also playing Club SAW a week from this upcoming friday (May 5th), which means if I know you, then you must come. -insert evil laugh of your choice right here...or here-

I was in Montreal last weekend to see God in concert. Mr. Satriani was so bloody phenominal it hurts my head even now.

Ari and Paul are back in town now, and I'm all in for a Sanchez reunion with good 'ol Zervas and the crew. We need capes with Sanchez printed on them.

Other than that, I must be off to be sick.

The Sky Moves Sidways...